Warning men – These 3 mistakes in the bedroom causes poor performance, broken marriages and makes women cheat

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There are 3 mistakes that most men make in the bedroom; that makes them unable to satisfy their woman in bed, have poor sexual performance and often time makes their wife cheat on them.

My name is Mrs. Esther, and truth is from my years of research and experience, I have found that these 3 things are what cause complaints from most women.

Before I tell you about them, first, you must know that about 2 years ago… I was also complaining about these 3 things my husband did in the bedroom, that made our sex life boring, and almost destroyed our marriage because he was unable to perform in bed.

Let me tell you about them…

  1. Poor Hygiene – Women complain about a man having dirty and unclean hands more than anything else. They are disgusted by the thought of dirty hands touching them both on their body, breast or private parts. Do yourself a favour and get a hand sanitizer so you can get soft, tender hands.
  2. Little or no foreplay: Most men jump into sex without any foreplay at all. Most men usually get this wrong. They jump into having sex too fast with their partner like having “quickies”.

Women do not really enjoy this. You just can’t jump foreplay.

You have to stimulate her physically, psychologically and emotionally for her to be ready and enjoy the sex with you.

Foreplay might even give women multiple orgasms. Some of the foreplay you can do is kissing, cuddling, caressing her breasts, massaging her and talking dirty.

When you skip foreplay, most women find the sex boring and that in turn can make her cheat on you with another man.

  1. Releasing too fast during sex: No woman wants a man that releases within 30 seconds or 1minute of penetrating her. It leaves a woman unsatisfied, and she may even be tempted to cheat on you with another man that can satisfy. If you can’t last long in bed, do yourself a favour and solve this problem ASAP.

Talking about releasing too fast, and unable to satisfy your woman in bed, if you’re experiencing this problem… then you are not alone.

My husband had a similar problem.

Within 30 seconds of penetrating me, he would rush and release his semen like a baby and he usually had no sexual energy after that to go another round.

And that was not all, sometimes; he was unable to get up his manhood during foreplay. After all the romance, it was like he had a dead manhood that could not just rise up.

For 2 years, I had to endure that pain and disappointment, but the whole story changed when we consulted a family friend, who was also a men health specialist.

She recommended a natural herbal supplement approved by NAFDAC that helps men to treat premature ejaculation, low sperm count, impotency and weak erections.

At first, my husband was skeptical about the drugs because he had bought several products both advertised on the internet and offline but they did not give desired results and were just a plain waste of time.

But he decided to give the herbal supplement
a trial.

So he started using it as instructed, 1 capsules in the morning before breakfast, and 1 capsules in the night before dinner (with water or natural honey sometimes).

To our surprise, after 3 days of using it… we woke up to found out that my husband manhood in the morning was erect and hard.

In the evening, we made love and to our greatest surprise he did not release until about 15minutes.

I was very happy because this was the very first time in recent years that he lasted long enough to satisfy me.

After using the herbal capsules, for the first 7 days, my husband situation has greatly improved.

He can stay hard and erect, and we make love up to 20 – 25minutes before he releases.

My husband deciced to share the exact same product for 2 people (his close friend and a colleague in his office).

The 2 of them came back to attest that the herbal supplements works like crazy to correct the problem of premature ejaculation, weak erection and low sperm count.

And the best part is, there are no side effects. Not any one of them complained of any dizziness or headaches when using it.

Without wasting time, let me introduce you to herbal supplement that worked for my husband, and over 642 Nigerian men have attested to the fact that it works for permanent cure to quick ejaculation, weak erections and low libido…

“Duraman Herbal Capsules”

Contact Mrs Esther for more info:08106883454.


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