I Feel Like Cheating On My Husband, He Doesn’t Satisfy Me – Frustrated Wife Cries Out

A woman who has been starved sexually by the husband who is a bookworm has cried out for help as she feels tempted to cheat on him.

Read her message shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels:

Good morning ma. Help me with advise . Please hide my id. I dated my Husband for 9 months before he came back to Nigeria after his masters and we got married. We just had s-x once and he is a good person but he doesn’t satisfy me.

He is even asking me for a divorce anytime I complain about our s-xless marriage. He is the type that sees se- as for procreation only and he is a heavy bookworm.

8 years in marriage and in a month our sex will be just once or none at all. Anytime I bring up s-x issues, he leaves the house. I don’t even know how to touch myself to get satisfaction. My v-gina is so dry. Our kids are just two and he said he is done with anything child birth.

I am dying slowly and I feel like cheating on him. Please help me, I am just 32 years. Last year we had s-x just 8 times. He is 40 years

What Do You Suggest For Her To Do?

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