CIT101 TMA solution 1-3, score 30/30…

CIT101 Questions & Answer

Q1 Microsoft Outlook provides __________
Q2 A file server is a _________

Q3 HTTP stands for _________

Q4 PKZIP is for what? ___________

Q5 GIGO is short for _________

Q6 A web page is _______

Q7 Internet is a(an) ________

Q8 e-mail is short for _________

Q9 MAN stands for ________

Q10 A browser is ________

Q11 With WordArt toolbar, you can _______

Q12 Graphic images are called _______

Q13 Two of the buttons that are found on the Drawing toolbar are Draw and_______

Q14 What objects do PowerPoint enables you to create using a set of tools located on the Drawing toolbar?_______

Q15 To insert a new slide into a presentation, you _______

Q16 How many tabbed categories,in the New Presentation dialog box, can you choose from when creating a presentation?________

Q17 In slide view, you can work with _______slide(s) at a time

Q18 How do you display a presentation on your computer?_______

Q19 PowerPoint is an_____

Q20 There ar______working environments in PowerPoint

Q21 Legend is used —

Q22 With Print Preview we —

Q23 A selection chart is based on —

Q24 An embedded chart is muved —

Q25 What does a Chart Wizard feature do?

Q26 A data marker —

Q27 In addition to its worksheet capabilities, Excel can —

Q28 When the total number of characters of numeric data is greater than the column width of a cell — are displayed

Q29 The default alignment for text entries is —

Q30 A range of cells is selected by — methods

Q31 �?� are the instructions that you enter to perform calculations

Q32 By default, numbers are displayed — aligned as you type them into a cell

Q33 Until it is safed, a workbook exists only in

Q34 A workbook is made

Q35 Automatic spell check —

Q36 In respect to alignment, justify means

Q37 What do we use to change the appearance and positioning of text in Word?

Q38 Some formatting buttons are toggles, that is, the same button is used to turn a formatting feature — and “off”

Q39 In Word, what does the overtype mode do?

Q40 In Windows, clipboard —

Q41 In spreadsheet, cell is the intersection of a — and a row

Q42 There are — alignment options in MS Word

Q43 MS Word is a —- word processor

Q44 GUI stands for

Q45 Until it is —, a workbook exists only in computer memory

Q46 �?� cells can contain formulas

Q47 What do you understand by Excel?

Q48 There are — worksheets are in a default Excel workbook

Q49 An Excel file is called a

Q50 What is a spredsheet?

Q51 In spreadsheet, a cell can contain either — or text

Q52 �?� is the final step in the production of a document

Q53 �?� is one of the proofing tools in word processing

Q54 �?� processes are involved in copying text

Q55 A program used to create text files or make changes to existing files is

Q56 By default, Word is in — mode

Q57 Word processor has many advantages over using a —

Q58 An example of an electronic spreadheet is

Q59 What do you use to enter data into the computer?

Q60 The use of computer to create, revise and save documents for printing and future retrieval is

Q61 Computer

Q62 GUI stands for

Q63 What is a window?

Q64 What is a menu?

Q65 A small picture that represents either a program or a shortcut is

Q66 What is a directory?

Q67 What is a mouse used for?

Q68 What do you understand by booting?

Q69 Computer machinery is the

Q70 Fortran is a

Q71 What is an operating system?

Q72 What is a program?

Q73 What do we call omputer programs used on a computer?

Q74 CPU is

Q75 Terminal is an

Q76 ROM stands for

Q77 What is a PC?

Q78 What is a computer?

Q79 Keyboard is an

Q80 Computer stores

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