6 Body Parts People Don’t Bother Wash While Bathing (Everyone Is Guilty of No 3)


Some of us tend to spend more than enough time cleaning all our body parts in the bathroom all in the name of bathing but still forget to wash some parts of the body.

Let’s take a quick and short tour below:-

1. Nostrils

No one ever think about washing nostrils while bathing as the nose is the passage of the air we breath into our lungs.

We expose ourselves to a lot of dust and also inhale them which is bad. Washing it will help a bit in living hygienic.

2. Foot

A lot of people are guilty of not washing the under of their feet. Not taking good care of your feet will lead to dead skin down there which will cause cracks and rough feet.

Scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone will help keep them clean and soft.

3. Back Of Ear

Ears are very sensitive because they provide the sense of hearing. That secretion can, however, start to stink if not properly cleaned.

It’s easy to get infections because there is a lot of dust that accumulates due to the day to day activities.

4. The Bellybutton

This is another sensitive area that is ignored. It’s one area that accumulates dirt. Those with a piercing have a double task as they should clean their piercing and the part itself.

If it’s not, the piercing can bring about complications.

5. The Back

Some of you maybe cannot reach their back so they prefer running the shower on their back with no scrub which is not hygienic.

Learn how to scrub your back to avoid dirt accumulating and staining your clothes.

6. Under Finger Nails

This is the number one reason most people have dirty looking nails. Nails accumulate dirt every day when you walk, when you touch things or even do work.

Nails can accumulate bacteria when not cleaned or kept short.

I bet a whole lot of us will still forget washing these parts in their next shower even after reading this. It’s no one’s fault because we all forget them naturally.

But the best thing is to have it in mind and get used to it day by day while bathing.

Which Of These Body Parts Do You Always Forget To Wash?

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